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What's Said is Said by bonivich What's Said is Said by bonivich
"It's not always swell.
Don't tell me truth hurts, little girl,
'Cause it hurts like hell.
But down in the underground

You'll find someone true;
Down in the underground
A land serene-
A crystal moon.

It's only forever;
Not long at all.
Lost and lonely-
That's underground"

David Bowie - Underground

I loved Labyrinth when I was kid. Sure, it has its super cheesiness, 80's glitter, and well, David Bowie being himself, but I love this movie with all my heart. It is sinister, elegant, beautiful, and repulsive. It is a glorious straddling of both the fair and foul--usually perfectly represented by The Goblin King himself.

I drew this when my friend was at work. I was going to watch Labyrinth again but then decided to try and draw Jareth since I have never done a serious sketch of him ever. (I drew a small sketch of him in my notebook once that made a Aladdin reference with Jareth that said, "I can show you the world." Yeah, I was bored in class.) I will try and draw Jareth again and try and make it look more like David Bowie. I never got around to watching the movie expect the first 13 minutes. That was because when David Bowie said, "What's said is said Sarah" I pretty much got inspired to do this quick sketch.

Coloring is quick as well and is a small attempt to make it look like "moonlight" is streaming in. I did not bother to make it super accurate. I just wanted to add a splash of color.

Drawing Jareth's hair is...insane. It looks amazing in the movie but drawing it is like committing to saving the world single handily, hahah. I'll get it how I want it know, when I work up the courage to try and draw him again.

Jareth Jim Henson and co.
Artwork me

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Why thank you! c:
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You're welcome! :)
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