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aquamarine freak by agnes-cecile

What caught my attention the most when first glancing at this piece was how her eyes seem to shake. It is as if I have just witnessed a sift in her glances, and somehow time has let me glimpse, for a moment, one window of focus to another. The mood of the piece is clearly depicted through the color choices, and even the lack their of. This work speaks deep agony to me, tears brimming to the surface, and the feeling of wanting to disappear in the background. Yet even with this wish she still wants to be seen, which can be seen through the faint pink shining through her skin. I hear her crying from her white prison: "if you would just look my way and understand, then maybe the water would quit drowning me. If only..." The blue seems even to symbolize drowning. We the viewer are drowning in her eyes, wishing to wipe those almost-tears. The woman no matter what she does cannot seem to get any closer to her destination-she is stuck in limbo. Trapped in this moment.

The technique you use is truly flawless: the subtle shading and the clean lines tangled in the hatchy ones. You have given her eyes such gloss and torment that I want to become agonized just to understand her. Yet despite this great agony I see just a sparkle of hope. It is hidden there right between the shift in her eyes. It is there, and if she can just catch it-maybe she will no longer be drowning in the white nothing of her imagined prison.

"If you believe this place binds you, then it will be your prison. If you do not wish to leave, it will become a fortress." Medicine Peddler, from the anime Mononoke.
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